"Hugo was an awesome guest speaker/presenter for my mastermind group. This group of 12 highly experienced and quite demanding business owners rated him as one of the best speakers we've had - I'd agree with that too. Hugo held their attention from the very first moment he spoke to the last. Interactive and engaging, his content on team work and leadership proved valuable to all. Thanks Hugo - we'll have you back for another session soon." - Steve Clarke CDML, Inspirational Sales & Marketing Speaker
"Hugo is an inspiring, motivating and entertaining speaker. I have listened to Hugo on a number of occasions and every time, I learn something new. What I appreciate about Hugo is his ability to connect with his audience, his preparation and always making me think about the topic he presents. In addition Hugo comes from a place of humility and grace and has an abundant mentality in sharing his wisdom and experience in ways that encourage and challenge you to raise your game. If you want to be inspired and entertained - Hugo is one of the best speakers you can listen to." - Jane Adshead-Grant, MCC


English or Dutch, no problem - Hugo can offer a keynote address on team, leadership and communication in either language. End of year, staff, birthday and team building events can all be enhanced by Hugo's dynamic talks that leave your audience with new insights on leadership and the all the keys needed to build a successful team.

Speaking | Hugo Heij | Team, Leadership, Communication


When a team is fully engaged, you will see an increase in productivity, a reduction in sick leave and less staff turnover. The culture will be proactive and highly focussed, which will lead to better performance and improved results.


The presentations and keynotes are for anyone who manages a team, or will manage a team in the future. The presentation is clear and accessible for both SME Owner/Managers and for Corporates.


He has an authentic and engaging style, a clear voice projection and is bi-lingual. He has a good balance between humour, key takeaways and real life stories. His style is easy accessible, so your audience will connect with him easily and have a wonderful experience, while learning at the same time.


Dutch born, Hugo worked in various European countries, which allows him to look at leadership and building teams from an international and multi-cultural perspective. Your audience will get real life stories and examples, which they can apply in their own business. This makes is real and practical for them.


Hugo managed multimillion pound businesses both in the SME and Corporate environment, in various countries. Some of his work has been in unionised environments, which brings a complete different facet to leadership and forming teams. Besides his roles in the commercial environment, Hugo has been involved in several leadership roles for charities, schools and other non-profit organisations. Hugo started from the bottom of the organisation, working with people from all walks of life, so he can easily relate to diverse audiences. Your audience will be able to relate to the stories and examples. This will increase engagement and adds additional value to their experience.


If you would like to discuss booking Hugo to speak at your event, simply use the contact form below to make your enquiry.