Meet Hugo

Hello and welcome to Hugo Heij    Certified Coach, Speaker & Facilitator


Hugo has over 20 years experience working within a corporate environment and an extensive background of successfully leading and developing teams on an international scale. He now uses the key insights and techniques gained to transform his client's businesses.


Values & Working Relationships

The values of commitment, accountability, respect and excellence are at the centre of everything Hugo does (we know this spells CARE but no acronym intended!) His clients regularly cite his infectious energy as one of the best parts of working with him (as well as the results of course!)


Hugo's Story

Hugo was born in the Netherlands and is bilingual, speaking Dutch and English. He started his working career doing summer work as a docker in the Port of Rotterdam and became a Junior Transport Clerk in 1997.

Having quickly realised that he would not be happy planning transports until his retirement he set his sights on becoming the Managing Director of SCA Logistics. When sharing this with the people around him they mocked and laughed because they did not think this was a realistic goal. This fuelled Hugo's ambition further and he enlisted the advice of those he could on how to achieve it. 

One of the most valuable pieces of advice was to get a qualification (as he had previously dropped out of University in favour of getting hands-on experience). In 1999 Hugo therefore signed up for a Logistics and Transport degree with the Open University and spent the next 4 years studying in the evenings.

In 2003 he completed his degree and worked in Sweden on some big projects for SCA until in 2007 he was appointed the Managing Director of the UK and Ireland, just over ten years after he started as a Junior Clerk.

In 2012 Hugo left SCA and worked for the London Container Terminal and in 2013 he left the port industry to start his vocation of coaching.

Following 5 years of experience gained at Fluid Business Coaching Hugo now specialises in International Business Coaching and Consulting at Hugo Heij. He has established a great balance of clients between both corporate and SME environments.


Biggest Lessons Learned

From his time in the port industry

  • a great team consists of a variety of people
  • uncertain economic times can be a fuel for opportunities and growth
  • the power of creating a strong company culture
  • the importance of leadership in uncertain times


From working with clients
  • everybody can change
  • adversity can be vital to personal development 
  • the drivers that business owners start out with often get lost along the journey
  • the importance of time, focus and review

    The Man Himself

    Hugo currently resides in the UK with his wife and 3 daughters. He is a keen sportsman - when he’s not on his bike he’s playing squash. 

    He is also an elder with the Church and undertakes rehabilitation work in the prison. His compassion and belief in second chances drives him in this area.


    Working with Hugo

    To learn how Hugo uses his leadership experience and proven techniques with his clients and how he can help you develop your business and your team, please contact him on +44 (0) 7833 378937.


    We are looking forward working with you!