So, why do you need a coach?

So, why do you need a coach?

One of the questions I have heard a lot over the years (long before I became a coach myself) is: “why should business owners and MDs have a business coach?” which is followed by the question, “why pay money to a person that tells you what you already know?” I have always answered this question the same way I do now: “because it is one of the best investments you will make in your business”.

I often draw a parallel with sports coaches and a few years ago, our own Andy Murray became a prime example. Andy Murray is a very good tennis player and he has won many tournaments over the years from his youth till today. He did this while being managed by his mum, who was probably also his most passionate supporter. Andy however realised that he could not make that final step to the top, i.e. winning a Grand Slam. He therefore teamed up with Ivan Lendl and after 77 years Britain had a Wimbledon champion once more. And interestingly, after breaking up with Lendl, he didn't win. (Thanks Andy, for making my point so clearly.)

So what made the difference of the external coach? Andy knew exactly how to play tennis. I don’t think that Lendl had to teach him that. Andy knew the pleasure of winning titles. Andy knew how to recover from setbacks. I think the key difference was that Lendl could challenge him in a way his mother couldn’t. Lendl could push him that bit further to reach his Grand Slam goal, and Lendl had been there himself, so he knew what Murray had to go through.

In business it is not different. As a business owner or MD of the company you often know your business inside out. You set your goals and you challenge yourself to reach those goals. But it often happens that you get stuck along the way. Because of circumstances, because of your team or because you don’t have enough time to step away from the business to honestly look what is happening.

How do I know? For the simple reason I have been there myself. I became MD of a medium size business in 2008 with the task to grow the business and make it more profitable. Not an easy task, considering that half a year later the world economy would collapse. During this time I started working with a business coach and by changing my mind set and putting the right structure in place, I have been able to grow the turnover with 15.1% and profitability with 75.8% in three years. I can tell you, it was not an easy journey, but it was very rewarding.

During those three years I have been able to develop myself, my team and the company as a whole. Even to the point where the team was happy to manage the business without me. This gave me the opportunity to visit friends in New Zealand for five weeks in 2011, only to get two phone calls from the team. When I came back everything was still there, business was going well and customers were happy; a fantastic reward for me and a huge compliment for the team.

So I can simply ask you the following questions: “Are you feeling happy about your business at the moment?” “Are you able to take time off to enjoy the things in life you deserve as a business owner?”

Or are you tired and are your weeks passing by without any pleasure? If your answer to that last question is “yes”, then this is your moment to make that change.

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