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In my 20 years in the Ports and Shipping industry I have learned some key insights on how to improve the working place by engaging both office staff and warehouse staff. (Or if you like, white collar and blue collar workers). These lessons are applicable in any business, in any industry.

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“I would strongly recommend Hugo to any business owner looking to ensure they are on the right path to Success. He is inspiring and his energetic attitude drives me to achieve more without him ever telling me to do so!”

"Hugo was an awesome guest speaker/presenter for my mastermind group. This group of 12 highly experienced and quite demanding business owners rated him as one of the best speakers we've had - I'd agree with that too. Hugo held their attention from the very first moment he spoke to the last. Interactive and engaging, his content on team work and leadership proved valuable to all. Thanks Hugo - we'll have you back for another session soon."

- Steve Clarke CDML, Inspirational Sales & Marketing Speaker